Wellbeing Starts with “We”

Santa Monica’s Inaugural Wellbeing Summit On November 16, 2019, the small coastal city of Santa Monica, California held its inaugural Wellbeing Summit – a free and interactive community event that brought together nearly 900 residents, city leaders, local organizations, and members of the global wellbeing movement. The Summit was designed to engage a broad cross-section

Nature-loving, Part 1: Hug a Tree (literally)

Though the INTENT framework comprises six interdependent dimensions of wellbeing (physical/mental, social, material, community, environmental, and existential), being nature-loving is quite likely the keystone of them all.  We can fully understand this by looking at its absence – the pervasive disconnect from nature that characterizes modern society.  Western culture has long celebrated mastery over nature –

Thrifty, Part 2: Rethink Waste for Sustainable Systems

There’s a direct connection between consumption and waste: the more we consume, the more waste we create—and vice versa.  At Srisa Asoke, the ethic of “consuming little” also means actively reducing waste, specifically through the “3 Rs”: reuse, repair, and recycle. This installment of the Intentional Living Project’s exploration of material wellbeing (a.k.a., “being thrifty”) looks

Networked, Part 2: Strive for Mutuality in Communal Relationships

Besides social interactions that provide positive emotions and influence (see Networked, Part 1), we need mutual support to thrive. The intentional community of Srisa Asoke thrives because everyone shares work and resources—the residents support the community, and the community supports them. A tour through the village shows how well this system works: At the center