Intentional Wellbeing Project

The year I spent living in an intentional Buddhist community in Thailand while doing academic research (published in 2005 as Right Development) was a profoundly personal experience. It’s just not possible to interact so intimately with a group of people and not be affected by them and their way of life. So this project is about the lessons I learned about how to live well and how they apply to a non-Buddhist (sub)urban middle-class context.

Broadly speaking, I learned about living intentionally, not only with purpose  and according to values, but also with a keen respect for karma—the consequences of volitional thought and action that may positively or negatively affect this life (and the next, for those who believe in reincarnation). Said more simply: good deeds bring good results, and bad deeds bring bad results. So to me, living intentionally also means considering the consequences for myself, others near and far, and our environment.

What we get out of intentional living is wellbeing, and hopefully a world that’s a little bit better for us having lived.

Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll)

WEAll is a global alliance of organizations and individuals working to transform the dominant economic system so that our societies prioritize shared wellbeing on a healthy planet. WEAll connects efforts across seven sectors (businesses, faith and values groups, academia and think thanks, civil society organizations, governments, practitioners such as cities which are implementing wellbeing economy initiatives at scale, and institutional innovators) to advance the Global New Economy Movement. The alliance brings people together through virtual platforms, local hub activities, and an annual Global Forum in Málaga, Spain; synthesizes academic and grey literature to inform wellbeing analysis and propositions; works with marketing experts, story tellers, and communities to create and disseminate a new narrative; and advises policy makers on wellbeing in all its dimensions.

In this space I’ll be sharing my efforts with WEAll working groups, local hub activities, and the Global Forum, and I welcome thoughts on how to to push this work forward!