Narratives of Wellbeing

GWI’s narrative work aims to inspire both individual lifestyle change as well as a deeper paradigm shift. The first draws on a year spent conducting ethnographic research in an intentional Buddhist community in Thailand, which revealed countless lessons about how to live well. The second emerges from collaborative work with the Wellbeing Economy Alliance to redefine the dominant economic narrative – neoliberalism – to make room for alternatives. 

Regenerative Communities

The IPCC’s 2018 special report urged for drastic changes in the next 12 years to avoid catastrophes from global warming that exceeds 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Such changes require a shift in social organization and norms. This project examines efforts to promote regenerative communities in Southern California and proposes a framework of 8 principles that promote wellbeing for all in the anthropocene.


One effective approach to fostering regenerative communities involves strengthening LOCAL food systems. “Local” commonly means grown within 200 miles, but in this case, LOCAL means Low-impact, Open, Clean, Abundant, and Luscious (after all, our food should taste good, too!). This initiative considers practical ways to integrate LOCAL food into our everyday lives, with a focus on home, school, and community gardens.

Impact Corps

Impact Corps leverages the unique attributes of Peace Corps Volunteers to advance social change. Namely, we build the capacity of returned Volunteers to conduct strategic planning and impact assessment and train others to do the same.  This corps of impact consultants supports the 180+ affiliate groups of National Peace Corps Association so we can improve our collective impact. As a returned Volunteer myself, I believe in the change-making potential of this community!