A Good Life for All

Impact Corps

Social enterprises have enormous potential to solve the world’s most pressing problems. But their potential is barely tapped–only 10% of such start-ups succeed in what they set out to do. Imagine how many more people could achieve a Good Life if that success rate could be doubled, or tripled, or….

Enter Impact Corps, which leverages the unique attributes of Peace Corps Volunteers to advance global wellbeing.

Peace Corps alumni (“returned” PCVs or RPCVs) have demonstrated passion for change, real-world experience, and both technical and soft skills that can heighten social sector impact (like, they know how to conduct a needs assessment and can forge the relationships needed to do so effectively). Many RPCVs even have promising social venture concepts, along with qualities that contribute to lean startup success (such as resourcefulness and resilience).

Impact Corps envisions two channels through which these post-Peace Corps powerhouses can generate the greatest good:

  1. Providing social enterprises with consulting services in program evaluation and impact assessment as well as organizational capacity building; and
  2. Founding and leading social enterprises of their own.

To launch Impact Corps, we must start making connections among social enterprises that need help (including RPCV-led ones) and RPCVs who can offer it, and then building mechanisms and systems to provide the requisite support.

Impact Corps is still in the early stages of development, so all interest and input is welcome!