A Good Life for All

Creative Karma

Creative Karma is a space to collectively explore ways to create better lives and a better world by living more intentionally.  Simply put, we want to make great big piles of good karma, with our actions having positive effects not only for ourselves, but for other people and our environment as well. Countless individuals are already experimenting with intentional living within their own homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces, so with a little collaboration, we’re sure to have an explosion of good karma that will benefit us all.

The Creative Karma idea started during field research on the Santi Asoke, a fringe Buddhist movement in Thailand. This group is hard core: most Asoke community members have abandoned comfy urban homes and jobs to sleep on grass mats, get up at 3:30 a.m. to chant, sweat in the fields, walk barefoot everywhere, eat a single vegetarian meal a day, and maintain few possessions, including only two changes of clothing. The Asoke people live like this because they believe it’s the best way to create wellbeing.

Most other Thais don’t agree. They think the Asoke way of life is strange and austere. Yet after after living with them for several months and walking the (barefoot) walk, it became clear that the Asoke way of life contains profound lessons that can be applied anywhere.

Creative Karma brings those lessons home, adds a few more years of interdisciplinary wellbeing research, and sums it all up into 11 ways of being that together form the acronym INTENTIONAL. But this conceptual foundation is only the beginning: the real fun comes from innovating myriad ways of living it!

A dedicated website is coming soon…