Being Engaged, Part 1: What Asoke Buddhists Taught Me about Giving

So far, we’ve discussed three dimensions of our personal wellbeing: mental/physical vitality, social mutuality, and material sustenance. Before we get to the last one—existential wellbeing or life satisfaction—I’d like to expand our focal point for a bit and explore community wellbeing. A community can be any size—even national or global, and members don’t need to

Being Thrifty, Part 3: Reduce Cost with Things You Tossed

There’s a direct connection between consumption and waste: the more we consume, the more waste we create—and vice versa. At Srisa Asoke, the ethic of “consuming little” also means actively reducing waste, specifically through the “3 Rs”: reuse, repair, and recycle. This installment of the Intentional Living Project’s exploration of material wellbeing (a.k.a., “being thrifty”)